Difference between SSC CGL and Bank PO

CGL Assistant Vs Bank PO

CGL Assistant Bank PO
As an Assistant you come under Clerical staff As an PO, you come under Officer rank
Permanent Posting in one office Multiple Posting in various departments of bank
Fixed timings No Fixed Timings
An Assistant have to give attendance Bank PO does not require to give his attendance
An Assistant have to reach in time Bank POs basically reach1 or 2 hr late
As an Assistant you get time to do studies as well No time for further studies
There is not much work pressure on an Assistant Work pressure is there
No public dealing Public dealing is there but most of it is done by clerical staff
No perks Very attractive perks
Handsome Salary Handsome Salary
Growth is slow Fast track Growth
Even after 5 years you remain as an Assistant After 5 years you can become Manager
Good Status Very good Status in the society
Best for female candidates Not great for female candidates
Selected through SSC CGL Selected through IBPS PO
Better than private job Better than private job
No scope for personality development Good scope for personality development
No training provided by Ministry Regular training is provided by Bank
Knowledge not usable anywhere else High demand in private banks and companies
Very less chance to reach the top Good chance to reach the top

2 thoughts on “Difference between SSC CGL and Bank PO

  1. h47

    Thanks for a detailed comparison. I want to understand what is your thoughts on
    1) Which exam is better when someone real aim is UPSC CSE? SSC vs SBI
    2) Does both Assistant, PO get govt. accomodation in place of posting?
    3) Is it feasible to be in SBI PO job and still study well for CSE?
    4) When you say no perks in Assistant job, and lots of perks in SBI, can you shed some more light on that?
    5) What is the hierarchical promotion structure in SBI PO job?
    6) Are SBI postings in the beginning in Rural or Urban cities?
    7) With 7th pay Comm. being enforced may be in 2013-14, what do you think in hand salary of Assistant vs SBI PO may be?
    8) Do you have any advise in terms of which books to be followed for SBI?
    9) Considering the rampant investment Fin. Ministry is seeking in banking sector in India, would it be safe to assume no. of vacancies in SBI PO see a significant increase in 2014. that is the attempt I would give.
    10) Does having a prior work experience have any weightage in either Assistant vs SBI PO job. I have nearly 3.5 yr work exp. by far.

    Thank you.


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