Bank PO Revised Salary Estimate

Major Changes after Salary Revision in Banks for Officers

  1. Basic will increase by 25%.
  2. HRA will become 30% in major cities.
  3. CCA will increase to 10%

Therefore, let us compare between the existing gross salary and revised gross salary

Particular Existing (May 2013) Revised (Expected)
Baisc 14500 18125 (increase of 25%)
DA 12180 (DA 84.5% in May) 15225
HRA 1232.5 5437.5 (HRA 30%)
CCA 725 1812.5 (CCA 10%)
Total 28637.5 40600

 Just by increase of 25% in basic, our gross salary without any perks will account to Rs.40,600 per month. This is an overall increase of 42%.

Some known increases in perks are as follow:

  1. Medical will increase from 5000 to 12000 p.a.
  2. Petrol will increase by 5-10 Litres.
  3. Halting Allowance will increase from 400 to 800 in tier-II cities.
  4. Washing Allowance will be added.
  5. House Lease Allowance will also increase. 

11 thoughts on “Bank PO Revised Salary Estimate

  1. sambasivan

    If basic is revised DA normally comes down. over all you can expect 12/13% increase. that means now Rs.28.6 k may become Rs.32.2 K. this is my calculations based on revisions in the earlier years.

    1. mrashishgosain Post author

      Dear DA is based on inflation calculated on the Consumer Price Index. So if commodities in the market become expensive then DA increases and vice-versa. DA help us determine actual value of money. So at the time of revision if inflation is high then DA will increase and vice-versa.

  2. Sibashankar Dandapat

    This revision will effect from which month of 2013? Please reply.. Is it declared or from where You have collect this information???

  3. nikhil

    as bank po what should i expect my future in psb bank as comparison to cent govt employees in respect to salary and working hr. does situation change in psb bank or not because of so wrost condition in bank no cream candidate want to stay here.

  4. shailendra

    Thanks for detail information…..Sir what about clerk salary after revision? Please explain in detail if possible…


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